History and Definition of Computer Networks

History and Definition of Computer Networks

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1. History of Computer Networking

In the 1940s, Harvard University research group led by Professor H.Aiken doing research at Bell Laboratories in order to undertake the development of computer models project I. This project initially wanted to use a computer device that can be used together, for it was made an application process and the principle of batch processing program that every computer running a program in a way to queue.
In the 1950s, the type and increasing computer capability until the advent of Super Computers. On the further development, came the concept of Time Sharing System (TSS) with a principle that allows a host computer serving multiple terminals. In the process of TSS began to appear a combination of computer technology and telecommunications technology that was originally developed itself.

2. Definition of Computer Networks

The computer network is a group of computers interconnected among each other using communication protocols so that the media can share information, programs/data, use of common hardware such as printers, hard drive Etc.

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