How to speed up internet connection android phone

How to speed up android connection it can be said easy bother. This is because sometimes this can be very effective in some places, and sometimes not very useful so it’s up to you if you want to try it!!??

How to speed up internet connection android phone

But my advice you should try it because if you are in a problematic signal you do not need to bother looking for android application speed internet connection or how to speed up internet connection android phone.

And here is how to stabilize the android internet connection:

* Choose a provider that is already existing 3G networks in the area where you live. This will be very helpful so you internet connection is stable or fast.

* If there is Wifi range near you, then use a Wifi connection over 3G or EDGE.

* Install apps to speed up your internet connection in android like Speed ​​Up Internet or Internet Booster for Android.

* You should be diligent in clearing your browser’s cache (either the browser or dolphin browser android on you phone default).

* If you enjoy browsing or just simply read the latest news and the latest from the internet, it helps you use a browser like Opera Mini alone. Because the browser is much lighter than the others.

That’s the way of speeding up android internet may be useful for you in particular who have travel plans that do not know the condition of the Internet in places where you are calling.

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